About us

Established during christmas 2019, Cheatslips.com is one of the most popular website for the Nintendo Switch cheat codes in the world.

Find the cheat code

Before the creation of the site, when one wanted to find cheat codes, it was a real hassle. You must have gone through many different forums and dig posts around to find something, which in the end didn't work all the time. All cheat codes had to be centralized in order to facilitate their usage.

Use the cheat code

Once your precious cheat code was found, you had to place it in the right directory on the memory card. Depending on the CFW installed, the paths are different. Indeed, whether it is for Atmosphere, SxOS or ReINX, it is not the same procedure! Something absolutely had to be done to facilitate this process!

The tool

The website was therefore born from these different observations. It would be a nice tool for the community and a great challenge to lead !