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  • Game Id: 0100D250083B4000
  • Genres: Action RPG
  • Publisher: Ska Studios
  • Publisher: Ska Studios

Salt and Sanctuary

Salt and Sanctuary

Title Id: 0100d250083b4000
Build Id: ecf47ade11877035

uploaded by Iliak
Credits to None
uploaded: 25 Aug 2019

  • This cheat TXT is generated by SXCCE! And This line has no effect!
  • Cheat Code Author :七支剑
  • Pick or Use Gold Max
  • Pick or Use Salt Max

246 download(s)

Title Id: 0100D250083B4000
Build Id: ecf47ade11877035

uploaded by MiaoBoss
Credits to 七支剑
uploaded: 30 Apr 2022

  • 盐与避难所 v1.0.3
  • 捡取或使用金钱后777777777//Pick or Use Gold 777777777
  • 捡取或使用盐后777777777//Pick or Use Salt 777777777
  • HP不减//Inf HP
  • 气力不减//Inf Stamina
  • 专注保持最大//Focus Max
  • 秒杀//Instant Kill
  • 无敌//Invicible
  • 消费类道具使用不减//Inf Use Item
  • 技能宝珠使用不减//Inf Skill Orb
  • 按住B键飘浮//Hold B Floating

59 download(s)