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  1. Register first to get the cheat code available
  2. Get to the game page and select the correct BuilId
  3. Download the cheat of your dream
  4. You now have a zip compressed file to extract on the root of your sdcard
  5. Et voilĂ  !

Be sure to extract the content of the archive at the root of your sdcard, something like that /<cfw>/[titles|contents]/<titleId>/cheats/<buildId>.txt, where

Depends of the Custom Firmware used. Maybe atmosphere, sxos, ...
This is the release number of the game.
This is the release number of the game. Each new version has a different BuildId. A cheat is made for a specific buildId, it may or not work for another buildId.

So here is a concrete example :

Here's an example for Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Be sure to extract the cheat on the sdcard and to have a file at the following location : /atmosphere/contents/01006f8002326000/cheats/F829A27213D46F9F.txt if your cfw is atmosphere (note the different path !).