Intermediate Conclusion

Last updated: 08-02-2022

Updating Cheats After Game Update

The one more thing I want to go over in this section is how to update cheats after a game gets an update. The simple answer is that you have to find the info all over again. This is why it is important to keep notes. Generally speaking pointers won't change except the starting address. This allows us to update a large amount of codes that share pointers. Take our Gem codes, they all start with [main+A12000]. This means if we can find something quick and easy, we can update all of our codes. This is why it is important to plan out codes when you start to create them. If you are lucky, Edizon has a chance of rebasing cheat codes automatically. If you rename the old BID to the new BID, launch the game, then launch Edizon and enable a cheat. Edizon will notice that this cheat won't work and ask if you want to rebase the cheat. It will ask you for a new value. This will be what you are searching for. For example, if we needed to rebase our Apple Gem cheat, we will tell Edizon to search for our current Apple Gem value. Edizon has a decent chance of succeeding, but I haven't had much success with it.

Since you are still learning and getting experience, I would HIGHLY suggest spending a month or two just working on updating cheats for games. This will focus your skills not just on finding values for cheats, but also reading other cheat creator codes. Some cheat creators make some really crazy codes. While you update these creator's codes, learn from them. You will find interesting uses of different code types, which will give you ideas on how to create codes for yourself. If you can't figure out what a code does, or how it does it, ask the creator! If you introduce yourself as someone learning to create cheats and ask specific question about their codes, most cheat creators will try to help. Also, be sure to give credit to these creators when you update their cheats. This will help prevent people from accusing you of stealing cheats. I spent several months looking at cheats by a creator known as, ZiT. I learned more from any one of his cheats than any tutorial or questions I asked other creators.

Publishing Your Cheats

Most cheat creators fall into one of a few categories. They create either for fun, money, fame, or chaos. Only you know why you do it. I personally create cheats to remove excessive grind from games. I work 60+ hours a week on top of having several hobbies, so I create cheats to reduce the time it takes to beat games. Where you publish your cheats can also play into that. There is no singular location for all Switch Cheats. Some locations are more common than others. Some creators have dedicated Discord servers, while others use YouTube to display and distribute their codes. You are welcome to publish your codes however or where ever you wish. I do want to warn you, though. Once you publish your cheats online, it is impossible to control them. People will take them and post them to other services, or claim credit for your work. There isn't a lot that you can do about it. I want to mention a few places and some reason why or why not for you to publish there. Everything mentioned here I can state is as close to the truth, that I have direct proof of, or came from the primary source (such as server/website owners). There is plenty of unnecessary drama when it comes to cheat creation. I will try to be as impartial as I can, but will try to mention any bias I may have.

Discord Servers:

CheatsHunter Discord:

This server is a general hangout/publishing server. Several cheat creators have personal channels where they published their cheats, along with channels for people requesting cheats for specific games. Cheat creators have a private chat channel to talk and pass ideas back and forth. There have been accusations that this server requires payment to access. I can definitely say this is not true. There are donations available to cheat creators or to the server manager. I have been a Moderator on this server for around a year. Probably the 2nd largest dedicated community for switch cheats on this list. I typically post my guides here weeks before posting them publicly and use the #Cheats Learning channel to answer most of the question I get.

Tomvita's Discord:

Tom runs a discord that generally focuses on the apps he develops. Several cheat creators hangout there and discuss tactics or tricks. If you have any bugs or problems with cheat creation tool, here is a great place to ask. Not much on the publishing cheats (there is a channel for it), but still a very important resource to have access to.



This is the only dedicated switch cheat website that I'm aware of. Every other website does other things on top of switch cheats. It is run by a single individual, who manages the website, provides user support, and runs the discord server. This guy does a LOT of work, and I personally think he doesn't get enough credit for what he does. There are accusations that the owner steals cheats to post on his website. I have not seen any proof of this, and on the contrary any reports of stolen cheats get taken down off the website. Most of the accusations against this site seem to come from friends of another website. They point out that Cheatslips has a few adds and a patreon, yet conveniently forget that their website has thousands of obtrusive adds and much larger patreon. These accusations have not been as active as they once were, but I still see them occasionally. I have worked with the Web Admin to post this guide on his site to reach the largest number of people.


A fairly large website that has a forum with cheats for switch. While the website and forum are large, the switch forum is a bit of a mess. Lots of user demanding/requesting cheats for games, and some vague forum rules makes this site a bit of a mess to deal with. It has improved over the past year, and with a special group being formed by some cheat creators, has been a great resource. The group has tutorials covering cheat creation and tricks found by other creators.

A large Chinese website. It can be difficult to use even with Google Translate. Requires account registration to do anything on the site (even to read certain forums). Account points are used to unlock cheats or access special forums, but points can be gained just by being active. Some of the best cheats I've seen have come from this site. If you want to use the site, I have had the most success using Google Chrome since you can translate the page automatically.


At this point, you should be able to create most cheats for most games. There are a few one-off games that have special tricks needed to search/find values, but trying to find all of them and explain how they work is outside the scope of this guide. We haven't covered ASM cheats, because they are more complicated and will require a guide on their own. ASM cheats will require a lot of experience in understanding how games work. So, go out and create cheats! Find out what you are good at! The only person that will stop you from making cheats is you. Remember to ask for help, help other people, and have some fun!