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  • Game Id: 0100cdd016bb0000
  • Genres: Puzzle Board Game Other
  • Publisher: Eclipse Games
  • Publisher: Eclipse Games

#1 Sudokus

#1 Sudokus

#1 Sudokus

After dealing with lots of words in #1 Crosswords and #1 Anagrams in Eclipse Games we thought it was time to start with numbers, so we've decided to do some Sudoku puzzles!

In #1 Sudokus you'll find a story mode with over 240 sudokus to solve on increasing difficulty levels. On top of that you can play the daily sudoku, which is going to be the same for everyone in the world and will change every day. Finally you can also play random sudokus of various difficulties.

If you like sudokus, #1 Sudokus is the game for you and the last one you'll need to satiate your sudoku apetites!

More details on the official game page of #1 Sudokus ...

#1 Sudokus #1 Sudokus #1 Sudokus #1 Sudokus #1 Sudokus #1 Sudokus

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