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7 Horizons

7 Horizons

7 Horizons

Release its inhabitants from the grasp of a mysterious villain.


Jelly and his friends are no pushovers. Use their unique powers and quirks to their fullest potential. Jump over your enemies, sneak around, or shoot them from any angle. Bring down the evil corporation before Mesalia turns into a barren wasteland.


Choose your approach to saving the planet. Will you disintegrate anything that moves? Or maybe try avoiding combat at all costs? Remember! Shooting down some of your foes makes them...more dangerous.


Anything you find can be used to help your mission. Use the gems you find to upgrade your weapons or make your heroes more bulky. Collecting everything may require multiple attempts, but HEROES DON’T GIVE UP! Join Jelly and his friends in their quest to save Mesalia!


- Pixel art aesthetic
- 8 Bit soundtrack (perfect for saving the world)
- Relaxing gameplay
- Demanding puzzles
- Challenging boss fights
- 4 characters with different skills

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7 Horizons 7 Horizons 7 Horizons 7 Horizons 7 Horizons 7 Horizons

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