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Game Id: 01000060085D2000

Genres: Action Adventure Platformer Arcade

Publisher: Dolores Ent.

A Hole New World

A Hole New World

The city is being invaded by monsters from the Upside Down World! You, the Potion Master, must defeat evil all alone, with no tutorials or "Easy Mode" to assist you. You'll have to rely on the help of Fäy, your companion fairy, and your potions!

Jump and shoot like they did in the good ol' arcade days. Fight enemies in your world and in the Upside Down World! Defeat gigantic bosses and acquire their powers!

Story Mode with five different worlds, Game+, Boss Rush Mode, Challenge Mode and multiple endings!

More than 30 different enemies, 7 boss battles and lots of secret characters to discover!

More details on the official game page of A Hole New World ..

A Hole New World A Hole New World A Hole New World A Hole New World A Hole New World A Hole New World

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Title ID: 01000060085D2000
Build: 675d27811cb8f841

uploaded by Iliak
Credits to None
uploaded: 25 Aug 2019

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675d27811cb8f841 1 25 Aug 2019
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