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Game Id: 0100156011032000

Genres: Adventure Puzzle Platformer

Publisher: Team17



Lost, confused and alone. What will Kiara do when she suddenly finds herself with the power to control the age of flora and fauna? An ability that was bestowed onto her by a magical obelisk.

Traverse a puzzle-platforming world unlike any other, full of myths and magic. Embark on an emotional journey where you will be faced with tough choices and forced to face your inner demons.

Follow Kiara as she is thrown into a world of wonder and heart ache. Manipulate the age of animals and plant-life as you find your way through intricate environmental puzzles and defeat the merciless bosses that stand in your way.

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Ageless Ageless Ageless Ageless Ageless Ageless

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Title ID: 0100156011032000
Build: 167edee127f74449

uploaded by Iliak
Credits to ZiT
uploaded: 30 Jul 2020

  • Moon Jump
  • Invincible (ON:Hold Plus,OFF:Hold Minus)

29 download(s)

Game releases

Release Id Available cheats Latest cheats
167edee127f74449 1 30 Jul 2020
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