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Angry Golf

Angry Golf

Angry Golf

ANGRY GOLF is an amazing and fun arcade game. You will use the pointer to adjust power and direction then try to shoot the ball with maximum accuracy possible. Your mission is shoot ball to reach the goal. But each level will be more complex and challenging!
Every level has limit of shots that player can use to unlock next level. But if player uses too many shots will need to try it again to finish level and continue to the next.
Falling out of track will destroy your ball and will be respawned at the start.
Most levels contain different traps like bombs, evil pigs, laser beams etc. Touching to those traps will destroy your ball and will be respawned last shooting place.
The initial levels are easy and player must use just 1 shot, but in advanced levels there are over 5 maximum shots to use.
The ball can be only shooted when is totally stopped then after a shoot you will need to wait that ball be stopped for shoot again.
- AMAZING POWER METER for more Accuracy
- LEVEL PROGRESSION. You can unlock and replay levels
- MYSTERY BOXES: 3 mystery boxes are easter eggs and gives player achievements
- MANY CHALLENGES: fire, laser beams, bombs, evil pigs, mystery invisible holes
- Falling out of track and hitting traps will destroy your ball

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Angry Golf Angry Golf Angry Golf Angry Golf Angry Golf Angry Golf

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