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Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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Title Id: 01006f8002326000
Build Id: E5759E5B7E31411B

uploaded by Bocelli
Credits to SkyQueen
uploaded: 21 Nov 2021

  • Nook Shopping App to Empty Slot (Minus)
  • Duplicate S1toS2 (Zr)
  • S1 x10
  • S1 x30
  • S1 x50
  • === Credit: @SkyQueen @CJB ===
  • === ===
  • Speed Up x4 (Press B)
  • Speed Up x3 (Press B)
  • Speed Up x2 (Press B)
  • Walk through Walls (Hold L)
  • === Credit: @SkyQueen ===
  • === ===
  • Instant Text Speed
  • Max Stamina
  • === Credit: @SkyQueen ===
  • === ===
  • Max ABD 999,999,999
  • Max Nook Miles 9,999,999
  • S1/10 All Golden Tools
  • S11 99K bells bag
  • S12 NookTickets x10
  • S28/29 Gold/Silver nugget X10
  • S27/40 All Stars fragments X10

340 download(s)