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Game Id: 0100085012D64000

Genres: Action Adventure Platformer

Publisher: Kodobur Yazilim

Awakening of Cthulhu

Awakening of Cthulhu

How can a day go so mad? This is the question that runs on our hero Walter’s mind who is a jobless ex-veteran and suffers from PTSD. On the top all, Cthulhu is rising again from his eternal sleep from the deepest shadows of Earth to bring the apocalypse.
With Cthulu’s effect, his unstable conditions created a delusional world. Nothing will be the same anymore, especially from Walter’s eyes. Everyone became monsters born from a mind inspired from HP Lovecraft’s books. And Cthulhu calls you! Cthulhu wants you! Go through him! To answer the call of Cthulhu, walk on streets of the city and defend yourself against monsters which await hunting you down. How can a man keep his sanity straight in this delusional world? Let’s take the ticket of an adventure full of madness and discover the delusional world of Walter born from Cthulhu’s awakening. And think that those monsters are real or a mad man attacking people on the streets while living in his delusional hollow.

-Different dark style levels
-Monsters borned from HP Lovecraft’s book
-Lovecraft inspired a horror adventure platformer game
-Captivated musics and sounds

More details on the official game page of Awakening of Cthulhu ..

Awakening of Cthulhu Awakening of Cthulhu Awakening of Cthulhu Awakening of Cthulhu Awakening of Cthulhu Awakening of Cthulhu

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Title ID: 0100085012D64000
Build: 9da80cf7e4903ec4

uploaded by maifa
Credits to ZIT
uploaded: 11 Sep 2020

  • Moon Jump
  • Inf Health
  • Invincible

26 download(s)

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Release Id Available cheats Latest cheats
9da80cf7e4903ec4 1 11 Sep 2020
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