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  • Game Id: 0100E4400C9A6000
  • Genres: Puzzle Arcade
  • Publisher: Forever Entertainment
  • Publisher: Forever Entertainment




Dig, dig, dig! For love, for fame, for money!
Fast arcade digging game with story, treasures and boss fight!
The world was beautiful some time ago. We lived together in our lovely cottage digging some mud every day. Suddenly everything has changed. HUGE ANGRY MOLE has come and kidnapped my beautiful sweetheart.
Will you support me? Will you dig with me and help me saving my beloved?
Watch out for rolling stones, spikes, spider nets, TNTs, lava and bats!
Let’s dig together, let’s find some treasures, let’s put them on the ground and make some money!
I’m the Diggerman. I love mining. I need to dig and rescue my sweetheart.

- ultimate digging experience introducing brand new arcade mechanics
- story line, the end, treasures, boss fight and much of love
- tons of workers to hire
- two buttons mining
- battery upgrades
- 5 worlds, surprising obstacles and traps
- passive income but not in bitcoins

More details on the official game page of Diggerman ...

Diggerman Diggerman Diggerman Diggerman Diggerman Diggerman

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