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  • Game Id: 010055D009F78000
  • Genres: Strategy RPG
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Publisher: Nintendo

Fire Emblem: Three Houses


Zero Playtime
Max IntructLevel
Max Money
9 Activity Points (Bonding)
9 Activity Points (Teaching)
9 Activity Points (Battle)
MAX Movement
Byleth Health 199
Byleth Strength 99
Byleth Magic 99
Byleth Speed 99
Byleth Agility 99
Byleth Luck 99
Byleth Defense 99
Byleth Resistance 99
Byleth Movement 99
Byleth Charm 99
Edelgard Health 199
Edelgard Strength 99
Edelgard Magic 99
Edelgard Speed 99
Edelgard Agility 99
Edelgard Luck 99
Edelgard Defense 99
Edelgard Resistance 99
Edelgard Movement 99
Edelgard Charm 99
Hubert Health 199
Hubert Strength 99
Hubert Magic 99
Hubert Speed 99
Hubert Agility 99
Hubert Luck 99
Hubert Defense 99
Hubert Resistance 99
Hubert Movement 99
Hubert Charm 99
Ferdinand Health 199
Ferdinand Strength 99
Ferdinand Magic 99
Ferdinand Speed 99
Ferdinand Agility 99
Ferdinand Luck 99
Ferdinand Defense 99
Ferdinand Resistance 99
Ferdinand Movement 99
Ferdinand Charm 99
Linhardt Health 199
Linhardt Strength 99
Linhardt Magic 99
Linhardt Speed 99
Linhardt Agility 99
Linhardt Luck 99
Linhardt Defense 99
Linhardt Resistance 99
Linhardt Movement 99
Linhardt Charm 99
Caspar Health 199
Caspar Strength 99
Caspar Magic 99
Caspar Speed 99
Caspar Agility 99
Caspar Luck 99
Caspar Defense 99
Caspar Resistance 99
Caspar Movement 99
Caspar Charm 99
Bernadetta Health 199
Bernadetta Strength 99
Bernadetta Magic 99
Bernadetta Speed 99
Bernadetta Agility 99
Bernadetta Luck 99
Bernadetta Defense 99
Bernadetta Resistance 99
Bernadetta Movement 99
Bernadetta Charm 99
Dorothea Health 199
Dorothea Strength 99
Dorothea Magic 99
Dorothea Speed 99
Dorothea Agility 99
Dorothea Luck 99
Dorothea Defense 99
Dorothea Resistance 99
Dorothea Movement 99
Dorothea Charm 99
Max Money
Max Money Alternate
exp x1
exp x4
exp x8
exp x16
Skill x1
Skill x4
Skill x8
Skill x16
Skill x1 booster in Teaching
Skill x16 booster in Teaching
Max Action Points
+1 to all Stats with growth ON
+1 to all Stats with growth OFF
+1 to all Stats with growth ON ALTERNATE
+1 to all Stats with growth OFF ALTERNATE
Inf Materials/Gifts
Infinite Exam Retakes
Infinite Motivation
Unlimited Weapon/weapon art/Magic usage
All Characters - Current Class Max XP
Max Movement Point(L to switch on)
Max Movement Point(R to switch off)
Difficuty: Normal
Difficuty: Hard
Difficuty: Maddening
Difficuty: Inferno
All Characters - Unlock All Jobs
Unlock all regular Classes
Gold Max
Materials x4
Materials x8
Unlimited Materials
Action Points Max
Level up all stats +1 on
Level up all stats +1 off
Exp x2
Exp x4
Exp x8
Exp x16
Skill points x2
Skill points x4
Skill points x8
Skill points x16
Class Mastery exp x2
Class Mastery exp x4
Class Mastery exp x8
Class Mastery exp x16
Move again press L+R on Character
Magic Weapon does not diminish
Critical hit press L+A during battle
Move Max(L on)
Move Max(R off)
Press ZL enemy wont move
Class Restrictions Lifted
Infinite Divine
Infinite Qualification Exam
Unlock All EXTRA On
15 Sep 2022