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Game Id: 0100AE00096EA000

Genres: Action Adventure

Publisher: Nintendo

Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition


Infinite Rupees
99999 KOs
Max Materials
Max Food Items
Infinite Magic
Infinite Special
Infinite Magic 1p
Infinite Special 1p
Infinite Magic 2p
Infinite Special 2p
Infinite Magic 3p
Infinite Special 3p
Infinite Magic 4p
Infinite Special 4p
Inf Special 1p - alt
Inf magic 1p - alt
Inf Special 2p - alt
Inf magic 2p - alt
Reset Hours(<-+L+R+A)
inf link hp
Hearts link test
01# Crossbows Linke Inf rapid Fire
Crossbows Linke Inf rapid Fire (off)
02# No Damage (Press Y to do damage)
03# Inf Magic and Special
04# Time is zero
05# 99.999.99 Rupies in store
06# ko 9999
07# Max Xp
08# Max Materials Activate in store
09# Max Food Items Activate in store
uzimakiuchiha, arismendy64, Lionheartwolf, patjenova, Jericoss, xtatu and anyone else I missed
22 May 2020