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Game Id: 01007C000C314000

Genres: Action Adventure Platformer Arcade

Publisher: Mokuzai Studio



kuso is a challenging yet fair platformer with a simple aesthetic. You have the ability to run, jump, and leave your own checkpoint. Make your way through acid, long jumps, disappearing platforms, bouncers, giant saws, and much more in this dreadful mechanical world. If you're looking for a game that'll challenge your platforming skills, something excellent to listen to, and a game to master, kuso is the game for you.

• 41 Unique Levels
• 26 Unlockable Achievements
• 2 Player Local Race Mode, perfect for Tabletop or TV Mode
• A soundtrack composed by James Bennett with music crafted for each level
• Hidden secrets and collectibles to find
• A dedicated Speedrun Mode for individual levels or level sets with stat breakdowns for easy screenshot sharing

More details on the offical game page of kuso ..

kuso kuso kuso kuso kuso kuso

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