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  • Game Id: 0100b04011742000
  • Genres: Action Adventure RPG
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Publisher: Nintendo



Invincible ON
Invincible OFF
∞ Wirebug ON
∞ Wirebug OFF
Moonjump (Hold B)
⇣● Speed Mods ●
Game Speed x2 (Hold L3)
Game Speed x2 (Hold L3) & SlowMo (Hold L)
Walk Speed(R&)▲1.5 ◄x2 ►x3 ▼OFF
Walk Speed 1.5
Walk Speed x2
Walk Speed x3
Walk Speed Normal
Dog Speed x1.25 (Works in Quest)
Dog Speed 1.50 (Works in Quest)
Dog Speed 1.75 (Works in Quest)
Dog Speed 2.0 (Works in Quest)
Dog Speed Normal (Works in Quest)
⇣● HP & Staminia Buffs ●
∞ HP Palico & Palamute
∞ HP
∞ Stamina
M.E. Earplugs(L)
Activate All Drinks/Drugs/Seeds
Activate All Melody Effects
∞ Knockbacks Negated & Divine Protection 200%
⇣● Quest/Mission Codes ●
∞ Item & Ammo Pouch (AMS)
∞ Item & Ammo Pouch ON (v.2 ASM)
∞ Item & Ammo Pouch OFF (v.2 ASM)
∞ Gathering
∞ Time In Quest
+- Instant End Mission + Countdown
+▲ Skip Quest Countdown
∞ Return Time +▲ To End & Return To Village
⇣● Damage & Defense Codes ●
Damage MOD(ZL&)▲x6 ◄x4 ►x2 ▼OFF
DEF MOD (ZR&)▲High ◄xMedium ►xLow ▼OFF
MAX ATK 1300 ON (Works in Quest)
MAX ATK 1300 OFF (Works in Quest)
MAX DEF 2000 ON (Works in Quest)
MAX DEF 2000 OFF (Works in Quest)
100% Affinity ON
100% Affinity OFF
All Resistance 100
⇣● Monster Related Codes ●
One-Hit Kill ON
One-Hit Kill OFF
Easy Capture v.2
Monster Disappear after Death ON
Monster Disappear after Death OFF
Dead Body Remain on Map ON
Dead Body Remain on Map OFF
The Quest Continues Even After 3 Deaths
⇣● Ranged Weapon Codes ●
- Do Not Change Weapon with cheats Enabled -
HBG/LBG No Reload (v.2 ASM)
HBG Quick Charge (v.2 ASM)
HBG ∞ Wyvernheart (v.2 ASM)
HBG Special Ammo Rapid Recovery (v.2 ASM)
LBG ∞ Wyvernblast (v.2 ASM)
⇣● Melee Sword Type Weapons ●
- Note: Enable Codes for Equipped Weapon only -
∞ Sharpness (v.2 ASM)
G.S. Quick Charge (v.2 ASM)
L.S. White Spirit (v.2 ASM)
L.S. RED Spirite Charged (v.3 ASM)
Hammer Quick Charge (v.2 ASM)
Gunlance No Reload (v.2 ASM)
Gunlance ∞ Shells (v.2 ASM)
Gunlance Wyvern's Fire No CD (v.2 ASM)
Switch Axe Charged (v.2 ASM)
C.Blade Red Charged (v.2 ASM)
Charge Blade Phials Max
C.Blade ∞ Red Sword (v.2 ASM)
C.Blade ∞ Red Shield (v.2 ASM)
Dual Blades Charged (v.3 ASM)
Hunting Horn Gauge Max (v.2 ASM)
Hunting Horn ∞ Magnificent Trio (v.2 ASM)
I.G. Kinsect Gauge Max (v.2 ASM)
I.G. Kinsect ∞ Trio Extract (v.2 ASM)
⇣● Additional Cheats ●
Max Zenny 99999999
Max Kamura Pts. 99999999
100k Zenny Rewards From Quest
100k Kamura Pts. Rewards From Quest
1000 HR Pts. Rank Up From Quest
10000 HR Pts. Rewards From Quest
20000 HR Pts. Rewards From Quest
x4 EXP for Cats & Dods From Quest v.2
x8 EXP for Cats & Dods From Quest v.2
x16 EXP for Cats & Dods From Quest v.2
x999 ItemBox on 1800 Slots (Close the Game after Use)
∞ Lottery
∞ Lottery OFF
60 FPS
30 FPS
ディ・チオーラ/DiCiolla5674 - Hazerou - Phantom Thief B
04 Aug 2022