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With Orbitblazers take part in top class futuristic racing never before seen in this form!
Glide with breakneck speed along futuristic courses and overcome all obstacles that stand in your way! Dominate the racetrack in single or two-player mode.

Jump-’n’-Roll… Jump-’n’-Drive… Jump-’n’ Fly… Jump-’n’ Shoot!...

Orbitblazers is a fast and demanding arcade racing game. Get behind the wheel of your spacecraft and show what you’ve got! Roll, drive, glide and fly through amazing cosmic streets! Overcome all obstacles and where necessary shoot your way clear to victory! Jump from platform to platform and discover how to easily and quickly master the tricky courses. Glide across different colour fields and collect as many useful items as possible. Only when you’re good enough will you reach the finish line.

The Very Best Arcade Gameplay!
• In single player mode, drive through 4 galaxies with more than 20 courses in total to set the fastest time or the highest possible points score!
• Battle with another player for victory in multiplayer mode!
• Enjoy the smooth graphics and fantastic visual effects!
Online Leaderboards!
• Show the world how good your are and compete with the best players! Challenge your opponents and break all records!
Are you ready the take on the challenge?
• Get started now and show what you’ve got!

More details on the official game page of Orbitblazers ...

Orbitblazers Orbitblazers Orbitblazers Orbitblazers Orbitblazers Orbitblazers

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