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OS Omega

OS Omega

OS Omega

OS OMEGA is an action-adventure game set in a hostile operating system environment. You are Binary Boy, an agent of OS Omega and your goal is to defeat the virus that wants to format the C drive of the computer you must protect.

The game mixes perma-death twin-stick shooter with RPG-style quest fullfilling.

The gameplay consists mostly of fighting and exploring, but there's also talking, puzzle-solving and quests fullfilling.

Get the computer rid of the virus minions named Mega Evil Chip, Uber Generic Villain, Hyper Elastic Eliminator or Ultra Creepy Cursor.
Fight the statues of an ancient device known as Joystick and defeat bosses like Random Cube Mega-Lith, Electro Exterminator or Monolith Eye Of Slow And Painful Death.

The game features
- 76 original weapones (Split Ricochet Gun, Homing Crawlers Gun, Random Floater Gun, Rope Jumper Gun, Spill Disc Gun, Big Bullet Blaster, Electro Laser SMG, ...)
- dozen of abilities (Turbo Mode, Power Save Mode, Force Field Absorb CPU, Dash Random, Pain Wave Ultra, ...)
- and many quests

More details on the official game page of OS Omega ...

OS Omega OS Omega OS Omega OS Omega OS Omega OS Omega

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