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Explore a nightmarish environment, scrounge for supplies, and battle the undead in Outbreak -- a hardcore survival horror game. The clock never stops as you attempt to manage an extremely limited inventory with a murderous horde on the hunt. Choose between acquiring additional weapons, healing items, or necessary tools for progression. Play through the Campaign and Onslaught Modes alone or with a friend in local co-op, including the option for AI teammates. Also experience small survivor horror vignettes in the Nightmares mode. You have only one life. Make it count!

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Outbreak Outbreak Outbreak Outbreak Outbreak

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Title Id: 010047F013104000
Build Id: 319115d455581d4d

uploaded by ZiT
Credits to ZiT
uploaded: 15 Jan 2021

  • Inf Item
  • Select Item X
  • Inf Health
  • No Poison
  • Rapid fire

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319115d455581d4d 1 15 Jan 2021