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  • Game Id: 010063d019a70000
  • Genres: Puzzle Arcade
  • Publisher: Sprytosaur
  • Publisher: Sprytosaur




Popplings away!

Dive into the world of Popplings in this competitive puzzle game! Strategize your line clears to beat your opponents, making use of each character's unique power-ups!

Popplings takes you back to the nineties with its nostalgic feel in both style and gameplay.

Play with the AI or with a real human friend! Choose from the array of original characters with unique power-ups to take into battle, and hold your ground by taking down your opponent. Beat your opponent through your strategies in using the hold piece, special popplings, powering up and creating huge combos!

Follow Pip's story and bring up a new generation of Popplings fighters in Story Mode! Learn about all the characters and see them through their test of the popplings!

Relax and enjoy from a huge bank of puzzles! See if you can complete each puzzle within the alloted shooting quota. Try to clear the whole set!

Want to make your own puzzles? Well, you can! With the puzzle editor, you can be as generous or stingy with the complexity as you want. Save and play many of your own creations!

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Popplings Popplings Popplings Popplings Popplings Popplings

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