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  • Game Id: 010099F01E508000
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Publisher: eastasiasoft
  • Publisher: eastasiasoft




Pushing puzzles get a colorfully cute twist in SokoFrog, a top-down pixel art adventure for the whole family! Help your little frog friend navigate tricky stages by pushing special blocks onto their matching tile switches. Key blocks, star blocks, fire blocks, ice blocks and more await as stages shift between 5 themes, each with their own unique gameplay mechanics.

There’s plenty to explore across 100 main puzzle stages and 50 extras, plus you can unlock 15 different skins for your froggy protagonist!


• Solve tricky block-pushing puzzles across 150 challenging stages!
• Master new mechanics as stage themes change and grow more complex.
• Push key blocks onto corresponding switches to unlock doors and advance!
• Avoid spikes and pitfalls, destroy crates, watch out for water traps and more.
• Retry levels as many times as it takes and replay cleared stages to improve your skills!
• Unlock new skins for your adorable frog!

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SokoFrog SokoFrog SokoFrog SokoFrog SokoFrog SokoFrog

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