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STORY OF SEASONS: Friends of Mineral Town


stop TIME
time 9AM
time 12 PM
time 3PM
spring season
summer season
autumn season
winter season
sunny weather today
rain weather today
snow weather today
typhoon weather today
heavy snow weather today
chicken/rabbit max Hearts/FP
cow/alpaca/sheep max Hearts/FP
chicken/rabbit Crown
cow/alpaca/sheep Crown
horse all max+adult
Villagers max FPP1
Villagers max FPP2
Girls Max Hearts
Boys Max Hearts
Harvest Sprites max FP
Harvest Sprites max SKILL
Blueberry job free
Blueberry job harvest+21 days
Blueberry job water+21 days
Blueberry job care+21 days
Pumpkin job free
Pumpkin job harvest+21 days
Pumpkin job water+21 days
Pumpkin job care+21 days
Plum job free
Plum job harvest+21 days
Plum job water+21 days
Plum job care+21 days
Cherry job free
Cherry job harvest+21 days
Cherry job water+21 days
Cherry job care+21 days
Aqua job free
Aqua job harvest+21 days
Aqua job water+21 days
Aqua job care+21 days
Sunny job free
Sunny job harvest+21 days
Sunny job water+21 days
Sunny job care+21 days
Mint job free
Mint job harvest+21 days
Mint job water+21 days
Mint job care+21 days
House MAX upgrade
Coop max upgrade
Barn MAX upgrade
Popuri instant marriage
Marie instant marriage
Karen instant marriage
Elly instant marriage
Ran instant marriage
Jennifer instant marriage
Rick instant marriage
Gray instant marriage
Doctor instant marriage
Cliff instant marriage
Kai instant marriage
Brandon instant marriage
Huang instant marriage
bon vivant instant marriage
harvest goddess instant marriage
kappa instant marriage
inf stamina
Saibara work sleep to finish
Gotts work sleep to finish
unlock deluxe fridge cabinet in workshop
unlock Big Bag in general shop
1slot in TOOLBOX item is travel stone
1slot in TOOLBOX is 999
1st slot in FRIDGE item is X Egg
1st slot in FRIDGE is 999
1st slot in FRIDGE is 5 STARS CROP
1st slot in CABINET item is Master shooper
1st slot in CABINET is 999
inf gold
01# Inf Water in can
Inf Water in can (off)
02# Inf Fatigue
Inf Fatigue (off)
03# No physical loss
No physical loss (off)
04# Money is not reduced
Money is not reduced (off)
05# Money 16x
Money 16x (off)
06# Pauze Time (hold A)
07# Multiply items in refrigerator
08# Multiply items in the cabinet
Increase Items (off)
09# Change Time to 9 o'clock (R+A)
10# Change Time to 14 o'clock (R+Y)
11# Change time (off)
12# Spring Weather tomorrow
13# It will rain tomorrow
14# Snow tomorrow
15# Typhoon tomorrow
16# Tomorrow's Snow
Change Weather (off)
17# Change Costume to dress
18# Change Costume to Cool Dress
19# Change Costume to sheep
20# Change Costume to dog
21# Change Costume to chicken
22# Change Costume to rooster
Change Costume (off)
Instant Max upgrades
Change 1 item in 99 Mythic Stone
Change 1 item in 1 Teleport Stone
21 Sep 2022