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Super Robot Wars X

Breeze beta36 SUPER ROBOT WARS 30 1.3.1 TID: 010022201229A000 BID: B3A483DC896A379A

Stage Turns 0
01000000 01DCAB34 00000000

move.b $00000000, #$001DCAB34(r0)
Total Turns 0
02000000 01DC5114 00000000

move.w $00000000, #$001DC5114(r0)
04000000 01DCAB10 05F5E0FF
04000000 01DCAB18 05F5E0FF

move.l $05F5E0FF, #$001DCAB10(r0)
move.l $05F5E0FF, #$001DCAB18(r0)
04000000 01DCAB28 0098967F
04000000 01DCAB30 0098967F

move.l $0098967F, #$001DCAB28(r0)
move.l $0098967F, #$001DCAB30(r0)
04000000 01DCAB1C 05F5E0FF

move.l $05F5E0FF, #$001DCAB1C(r0)
Total Credits
04000000 01DC50FC 05F5E0FF

move.l $05F5E0FF, #$001DC50FC(r0)
Total PP
04000000 01DC5100 0098967F

move.l $0098967F, #$001DC5100(r0)
Total MxP
04000000 01DC5104 05F5E0FF

move.l $05F5E0FF, #$001DC5104(r0)
Inf.All Skill
30000000 00000026
04010000 01DCCB84 00000063
78010000 00000018
loop r0, $00000026
move.l $00000063, #$001DCCB84(r1)
add.q $00000018, r1
endloop r0

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