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  • Game Id: 0100BC701417A000
  • Genre:
  • Publisher: Krome Studios
  • Publisher: Krome Studios

TY the Tasmanian Tiger™ 2: Bush Rescue™ HD

Max Opals
580F0000 0056ABF0
580F1000 00000108
780F0000 00000548
640F0000 00000000 0098967F
04000000 00594824 0098967F

move.q #$000056ABF0, r15
move.q #$0000000108(r15), r15
add.q $00000548, r15
move.l $000000000098967F, (r15)
move.l $0098967F, #$000594824(r0)
All Bilbies
04000000 005947B4 0000001E

move.l $0000001E, #$0005947B4(r0)
All Frill Spies
04000000 00594814 00000019

move.l $00000019, #$000594814(r0)
All Gooboo Steve
04000000 005947FC 0000000A

move.l $0000000A, #$0005947FC(r0)
All Gallery Art
04000000 005947CC 000000AF

move.l $000000AF, #$0005947CC(r0)
All Platinum Cogs
04000000 0059479C 00000032

move.l $00000032, #$00059479C(r0)
All Kromium Orbs
04000000 005947E4 0000001E

move.l $0000001E, #$0005947E4(r0)
Inf Health
04000000 0055288C 00000004

move.l $00000004, #$00055288C(r0)
Inf Health Gold Paw
04000000 0055288C 00000008

move.l $00000008, #$00055288C(r0)
Inf Health Platinum Paw
04000000 0055288C 0000000C

move.l $0000000C, #$00055288C(r0)
Inf Air
04000000 005528BC 00000004

move.l $00000004, #$0005528BC(r0)
Inf Air Gold Paw
04000000 005528BC 00000008

move.l $00000008, #$0005528BC(r0)
Inf Air Platinum Paw
04000000 005528BC 0000000C
move.l $0000000C, #$0005528BC(r0)

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