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West Water

West Water

West Water

The end has come and gone. Or so you thought...
You have been living alone for a long time.

From the creator of After The End: The Harvest, Mutiny Island, Route Me Mail & Delivery Co & Isolation Story, comes
A new survival adventure set in the desolate town of West Water!

Scavenge through a poisoned town and uncover its history. Collect resources to expand your home base and its defenses,
Use bandages to ward off bleeding. Loot, fight, & survive in an open-world style environment!

Your LIFE will constantly calculate and tick down based on your Heat, Immunity and the Weather. Different combinations of items and clothes will help decrease the rate at which your LIFE will decrease and ensure that you can explore deeper into the town and find higher TIER items

Game Features:

•A desolate-themed world with a Time Loop mechanic
•Non-Linear/Open-ended design
•Permadeath Mode
•Collect resources to improve your Home Base
•Inventory Management
• + More!

Uncover the secret of West Water.
How much longer will you stay alive?

More details on the official game page of West Water ...

West Water West Water West Water West Water West Water West Water

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