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Game Id: 01006f8002326000

Genres: Simulation Animal Life

Publisher: Nintendo

Animal Crossing: New Horizons


Animal Crossing New Horizons 1.2.1b
Unused Reaction Wheel(Plus+A)
Unused Reaction Wheel 2 (Plus+A)
Unused Reaction Wheel 3 (Plus+A)
Chat Buffer to Slot 1(ZR+D-Pad Right: Item ID|ZR + D-Pad Left: Modifier)
Duplicate Slot 01 to 02-40 Press LS
Max speed x4 (Hold B)
Max speed x3 (Hold B)
Max speed x2 (Hold B)
Animation Speed x2
Animation Speed x1
Animation Speed x50
Animation Speed x0.1
Walk Through Walls (Hold L)
Always Max Energy
Max Bells all Slots (Plus + B)
All Wedding Items (Plus + A)
Slot 1-40 Empty
All Art legit only ~ Part 1
All Art legit only ~ Part 2
All Gold Tool DIYS (Plus+B)
Insects 1 L+A
Insects 2 L+B
Fishs 1 L+X
Fishs 2 L+Y
Fossils 1 R+A
Fossils 2 R+B
Arch9SK7 (SkyQueen), Rydog For Text Cheat and Animation
22 May 2020