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Game Id: 01006f8002326000

Genres: Simulation Animal Life

Publisher: Nintendo

Animal Crossing: New Horizons


Speed up x4
Speed up x2
Walk Through Walls Hold L
Animation Speed x50
Animation Speed x2
Animation Speed x5
Empty Pockets (Plus+L)
1.4.0 all new added items (ZL + ZR)
10/10 Stamina
Duplicate Slot 01 to 02-40 Press LS
Slot 1 Item x10
Slot 1 Item x30
Slot 1 Item x50
Most Craft Materials 1.4.0
1.4.0 Items
Art 1
Art 2
Wall 1
Wall 2
Wall 3
Wall 4
Wall 5
Wall 6
Wall 7
Floor 1
Floor 2
Floor 3
Floor 4
Floor 5
Rug 1
Rug 2
Rug 3
Rug 4
Max ABD 999,999,999
Max Nook Miles 9,999,999
Craft: Mermaid Set
Craft: Tools Set
Craft: Wand Set
Craft: Space Furniture Set
Craft: Robot Hero Set
Craft: Wooden/ Block/Log Furniture Set
Craft: Decorations/ Iron/ Outdoor Set
Craft: Zen Pillow, Bear, Barrel, Piano, Money
Craft: Recycle and Boxes Furniture Set
Craft: Ironwood Furniture Set
Craft: Gold Furniture Set
Craft: Fruit/ Honey Furniture Set
Craft: Library Office Furniture Set
Craft: Bamboo Furniture Set
Craft: Cherry Blossom Set
Craft: Easter Furniture Set
Craft: Shell Furniture Set
Craft: Autumn Furniture Set
Frozen/ Festive Funiture Set
Craft: Flower Decorations
Craft: Windflower Wreath/ Crowns
Craft: Mum Wreath/ Crowns
Craft: Cosmo Wreath/ Crowns
Craft: Tulip Wreath/ Crowns
Craft: Rose Wreath/ Crowns
Craft: Pansies Wreath/ Crowns
Craft: Hyacinth Wreath/ Crowns
Craft: Lily Wreath/ Crowns
Trees and Bushes 1.4.0
MONEY: Royal Crowns (L+R)
Gold Tools (L+up)
All Gold Tool DIYS (Plus+B)
All Flowers Watered & Breed Ready (1/2) 1.4.0
All Flowers Watered & Breed Ready (2/2) 1.4.0
NMT x40 All Slots, (ZL+ZR)
All Fences, 50x
Fish Bait (L+R)
Slots 1-10 gold nugget x30 (1.4.0)
Slots 1-5 pearl x30 (1.4.0)
31 Jul 2020