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  • Game Id: 0100000011D90000
  • Genres: Adventure RPG
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Publisher: Nintendo

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond


---Item Codes---
Items x999
Items x999 (off)
Items Never Decrease (on)
Items Never Decrease (off)
Item ++ (On)
Item ++ (Off)
Infinite Money 1.3.0
Infinite Money Off 1.3.0
500x All Balls 1.3.0
500x All Berries 1.3.0
500x Dream Ball 1.3.0
500x Beast Ball 1.3.0
999x Rare Candy 1.3.0
---FPS Codes---
---Wild Modifier---
Ignore Evolution Conditions
Ignore Evolution Conditions (Off)
100% Catch Rate ON
100% Catch Rate OFF
Catch Trainer Pokemon v1.3.0 (On)
Catch Trainer Pokemon v1.3.0 (Off)
Shiny Pokemon (HOLD L) 1.3.0
Encounter Off (v1.3.0)
Encounter On (v1.3.0)
Encounter Male (v1.3.0)
Encounter Female (v1.3.0)
Encounter Genderless (v1.3.0)
Encounter Lv 1 (v1.3.0)
Encounter Lv 50 (v1.3.0)
Encounter Lv 100 (v1.3.0)
Encounter #490 Manaphy
Encounter #493 Arceus
Enable Spiritomb Tower (On)
Enable Spiritomb Tower (Off)
BP No Decrease (On) 1.3.0
BP No Decrease (Off) 1.3.0
Unlock Fly Ability
Unlock Fly Ability (off)
Allow following pokemon from the start of the game (v1.3.0)
Allow following pokemon anywhere (v1.3.0)
Inf Safari Steps
Inf Safari Steps (Off)
Inf Safari Balls
Inf Safari Balls (Off)
Inf VS Seeker Energy 1.3.0
Inf Pokeradar Energy 1.3.0
All Berry trees 10 Harvestable 1.3.0
Contest Auto Win (On)
Contest Auto Win (Off)
Contest Auto Star (On)
Contest Auto Star (Off)
Inf Repel (On)
Inf Repel (Off)
PP wont decrease (On)(v1.3.0)
PP wont decrease (Off)(v1.3.0)
Disable affection mechanics in battle (ON) (v1.3.0)
Disable affection mechanics in battle (OFF) (v1.3.0)
x2 Player Speed (HOLD B) 1.3.0
Walk Through Walls (Hold L) (v1.3.0)
---Underground Codes---
---Breeding Codes---
---Stat/Nature Codes---
OblivionReign / gbatemp
17 Mar 2023